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We helped Ease Health establish its new osteopathic practice in Hamilton, creating a minimalistic brand and web presence that encompasses every facet of ease.

Ease Health Business Kick-Start

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Ease Health



Ease Health emerged as a serendipitous spur-of-the-moment osteopathic practice in Hamilton, taking over the location of a previous clinic. Ease needed to fast-track their business processes and create new branded deliverables for the launch of their new osteopathic practice, in only a few months.

Ease Health needed a brand that effectively conveyed the message of ease, both for the body and for the mind. We did this using lowercase typography with open counters and apertures, where the typeface mimicked the geometric nature of the curved “S”.

Using simple forms and an earthy palette, we created a minimalistic base brand for the launch. The new Ease logo informed the design direction for their website — anatomical illustrations, iconography, and gentle circles contributed to the look and feel of the website.

The Ease Health website was custom-developed to be responsive and accessible on all devices as Ease is an inclusive space for all. We also worked with Nancy, Founder of Ease Health, to outline accessibility options for those with additional access needs to the clinic.

We were excited to sneak a peek inside the clinic which was decorated with soft brown tones, punches of green, and cream walls. The logo currently sits at centre stage at the front desk, visible to patients right as they walk in.

Clinic photography by Travis Silverman.

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