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A user-friendly graphical password authentication system that can be integrated into new or existing login systems.


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Alphanumeric passwords tend to be the weakest link to most computer security systems. They are vulnerable to various attacks such as: brute-force, dictionary attacks, social engineering, and spyware. The solution? A graphical password strategy.

In this prototype, users interact with a series of icons in order to login to their account, rather than using a traditional alphanumeric password.

For the initial prototype, the user can choose from 12 icons, where 2 of each are available (24 choices). The password is set to only 4 digits. To increase the amount of combinations, we increase each variable. With 24 icons, 2 of each being available (for a total of 48 choices) and a 6 digit password, the amount of combinations increases exponentially.

This project was prepared solely by Mazen, Exomis CTO, as a personal study on graphical password strategies using Node.js.

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