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A lightweight database backup service that works both locally and remotely, developed completely in Java for a seamless cross-platform experience.


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Panther is a lightweight cross-platform application used to automatically back up MySQL and MariaDB databases securely and efficiently; either at specified timed intervals or on-demand. The Panther software is developed in Java by our CTO, Mazen, and functions not only as an independent GUI application, but also as a terminal application and Java library.

Unlike the MySQL dump service which uses the host machine to dump the specified database as a local backup (greatly impacting performance), Panther allows the user to backup a database from a remote machine through basic queries. This will minimize performance impact by processing the backup on the remote machine.

Panther allows for multiple sessions that can run simultaneously. Sessions can be saved as .phr files and loaded later on. Each session can be connected to a different host, or even locally. Database connections may be initiated through an SSH protocol for additional security. The application also provides the option to automatically compress backups in .zip, .gz, .tar, and .tar.gz formats.

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